THC was founded by Emy Hassan, with her knowledge and skills in the field of hair replacement solutions  as a Wig Maker, hairdresser and specialist extensionist Emy's up to date techniques allow women to feel confident that the up most care discretion & confidentiality is guaranteed throughout all services.


The search for the perfect hair replacement solution and perfect extension method can be a confusing and daunting time for any woman who is trying to gain her confidence back, In this day and age stress and lifestyle have become huge factors in female hairloss aswell as hormonal imbalances and also illness, that is why Emy has built upon her skills and expert knowledge in Hair Replacement and  compiled a selection of the safest and most popular methods that have given many women their confidence back, so there is a solution for everyone ... And best of all the on going support is fabulous!!!

Suffering with early onset female pattern hairloss caused by PCOS and harsh medications Emy knows all to well how devestating it can be when a woman looses her hair, and how this can affect her confidence.


Emy completed her training in Wig Making hair dressing & various hair extension methods in London before moving to the middle east, she was the first freelance extension specialist in Dubai and trained many salons and stylists in various extension techniques. She then gained her knowledge and experience in the medical hair loss field whilst training with the biggest hairloss clinic & Trichologist in the middle east, with many of her clients being from a very well known middle eastern royal family and celebrities alike.

Emy then moved on to work for the Lucinda Ellery consultancy in London before noticing a gap for variety privacy and quality in the market, she ventured out as a freelance consultant and has never looked back, Emy's work has been featured in many national and local newspapers such as the DailyMail and various fashion and lifestyle magazines where she has given interviews.


''I feel that women need some discretion and empathy during such emotional times, I wouldnt want any of my clients to feel they are being taken advantage of whether it was one of my high profile clients who are in the public eye, or my lovely every day ladies just like me, everyone is treated with the same level of respect and given the same amount of discretion , hair loss is a sensitive subject for any woman so I offer an inclusive service, I am my clients consultant, technician AND stylist, I dont operate a fat pocket factory style business, its just me, my assistant and my clients''


Emy has compiled a range of hair loss replacement solutions for women suffering from Trichotillomania, Alopecia, Post Chemo treatment and Female pattern balding aswell as hairloss from illnesses and medication, including a volumizing hair integration system, micro parting volumizing system & a custom made clip on topper, aswell as being an experienced wig maker Emy can also make customized patches for alopecia.

As a Freelance consultant Emy can sometimes be available to travel on a home visit basis, Internationally and is also available in a private discrete studio salon in Wimbledon, London, Consultations are £20 (refundable) if in the studio in London. If a home visit consultation is required a fee will be charged to cover expenses.

All customers will be given a confidentiality agreement signed by Emy to guarentee discretion upon request.


To arrange a consultation please call or email:

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