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By Emy Hassan, May 10 2020 01:18PM

Hands up who has invested in some deep conditioning masques and hair treatments to give your hair a little bit of tlc during the lockdown? While they can hydrate the hair and leave it baby soft, sometimes when it comes to hair health, it has to start on the inside.

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do for healthy hair and a healthy scalp. If you’re getting all of the vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fats you need, you’ll have a healthy scalp and you’ll feed your hair follicles; hello, strong, shiny, gorgeous hair!

So what should you eat to keep your hair and scalp healthy? Here are 10 superfoods that should be on your shopping list.

10 superfoods for strong, shiny, healthy hair

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids as well as calcium and protein which encourage strong healthy hair growth. Add a spoonful to a healthy smoothie in the morning.

2. Walnuts

Many of us lack protein in our diets, especially when we’re cutting calories. If you don’t eat enough protein, you can end up with dry, brittle hair. Protein is vital for healthy hair growth and walnuts are a really good source. They also contain vitamin E and plenty of healthy fats.

3. Spinach

Spinach is full of iron and vitamins A and C which are needed for healthy hair, skin, and nails. If you want your hair to grow, add a handful of spinach to a smoothie.

4. Dark Chocolate

Yay to the fact that chocolate is on this list! Dark chocolate, eaten in moderation, is better than milk chocolate as it contains antioxidants that increase the circulation to the scalp and protect the hair from damage from UV rays and pollution. Opt for chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa and have no more than two squares per day to get the beauty benefits without the added fat and sugar.

5. Salmon

Salmon is super healthy and versatile for light lunches on warmer days. Its protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 content makes it a must for shiny, healthy hair.

6. Eggs

If your hair looks lacklustre and it won’t grow, you need to get more eggs into your diet. Eggs are packed with iron and the vitamin biotin, which supercharges hair growth.

7. Coconut oil

You might have slathered coconut oil on your hair, but did you know it can help with strong healthy hair growth if you include it in your diet as well? It contains fatty acids that can help hair grow, so get cooking with it in place of other cooking oils.

8. Wholegrains

If you are fed up with being told carbs are evil, you’ll be delighted to hear that the wholegrain varieties of pasta and bread are great for your hair. They are full of the B-vitamin biotin which prevents hair breakage and helps it grow, and zinc, which is needed for a healthy scalp.

9. Green tea

Do you have a dry, flaky scalp? Green tea is a good source of vitamin A which helps stimulate production of the scalp’s natural oils. Replace one or two of your usual cuppas with green tea each day and you’ll soon see the difference.

10. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the most well-known superfoods. They are packed with vitamin C which improves circulation to the scalp and keeps the blood vessels that support the hair follicles healthy.

Hopefully, it won’t be long until I can open the doors and see you again, but in the meantime, work on keeping your hair and scalp healthy and fill up your trolleys with some hair-loving superfoods!

By Emy Hassan, Apr 16 2020 11:49PM

Why Custom Hand-Made Hair Pieces Are Your Perfect Hair Loss Solution

Here at The Hair Confidante, we know how much hair loss can affect your confidence and self-esteem, and that’s why we work so hard to provide the best hair loss solutions to our clients. We want you to walk tall and feel like your confident self again, and you can do that with one of our beautiful custom hand-made hair pieces.

What are custom hand-made hair pieces?

Our custom hand-made hair pieces are usually made from a fine lace material that is transparent and fits on to the head like a second skin. It has small holes that the hair is knotted on to, and two strands of hair are usually fitted through each hole (except for around the hairline, where the hair is usually finer, so one strand of hair is fitted through each hole).

Our custom hand-made hair pieces can be anything from a full or half wig that is made from a mould of your head, to a front piece that mimics a natural hairline for people who have hair loss due to conditions like frontal fibrosing Alopecia. We also make small patches for clients who have Alopecia Areata hair loss they want to cover up. Lace pieces can be made in pretty much any shape or form.

Will my custom-made hair piece look natural and suit my lifestyle?

All custom hair pieces are colour matched to your hair and where applicable, are cut and styled into your preferred hairstyle. If you have a busy or active lifestyle, there’s no need to worry about your hair piece being a barrier to you doing the things you love. There are adjustments you may need to make whilst wearing a hair piece whether permanent or temporary but these should not make a significant difference to your lifestyle.

And forget about the ‘people will know I’m wearing a wig’ feeling that makes you self-conscious, the great thing about our lace custom-made hair pieces is that they mimic a natural hairline and lie flat to the head.

Don’t be tempted by cheaper options

Emy now makes most of our bespoke hand-tied hair pieces personally, as does Cara, so it’s something we do regularly here at The Hair Confidante.

Bespoke hand-made hair pieces can take anything from a few days to weeks to make and it’s a very labour-intensive and intricate process. Every care has to be taken to make sure that the hairs are securely knotted and they don’t break, as they are so delicate.

When you are looking for hair loss solutions like hair pieces, don’t be tempted to go for cheaper options. A lot of them are made in China, where labour is far cheaper, and while you might think you are getting a good deal, they don’t tend to last as long.

In England, hair pieces tend to be made by traditional wig makers, and although you’ll pay more, the workmanship is much more skilled and the quality is far superior, so they last much longer. Also, you’ll only get a true custom fit if you have your hair piece made in England, as most wig base fittings need to be done in person so we can keep checking the fit of the mould.

To find out more about our custom hand-made hair pieces, check out the hair loss solutions page on our website. Get in touch with any questions you have and I’ll be happy to help!

By Emy Hassan, Apr 8 2020 10:21AM

If you’re one of my lovely salon regulars, you’ll know that recently I had to make the heart-breaking decision to temporarily close the doors after the government ordered certain businesses to shut down.

While I’m missing you all so much, and no doubt your hair is missing me, the most important thing is for us all to stay safe and well while the coronavirus is continuing to spread.

But I know that a lot of you will be worrying about what state your hair is going to be in by the time the lockdown is over, so that’s why I’m putting some blogs together to help you out with some of my tried and tested tips and tricks.

In this blog, I want to talk about how to care for your hair during the lockdown.

If your hair is coloured

I know that many of you who have coloured hair are going to panicking right about now, but please don’t reach for the box dye when you’re in the supermarket. If your hair already has a colour on, or you have highlights, adding a colour on top can spell trouble. You might end up with a completely different colour from what you were expecting, and you could ruin your hair in the process. Don’t do anything that’s going to cost you a lot of time and money to undo when this is all over.

If you’re concerned about roots coming through, try a root-retoucher as a temporary measure, otherwise, protect and preserve your colour by using sulphate-free products that are tailored for coloured hair.

Don’t be tempted to chop your hair yourself

I know it’s tough when your hair is at that ‘in-between’ stage or you have raggy split ends, but please try and have a little patience. There are plenty of ways you can disguise the fact that your hair needs a cut from trying different hairstyles to wearing nice hair accessories.

Use this time to get your hair in prime condition

If you don’t actually have to go anywhere and you aren’t about to jump on a Zoom chat with the boss, it’s the perfect time to use products like hair masks and leave them on for a longer period of time than you usually would so they can work their magic.

A good hair mask will hydrate and nourish the hair so it’s in great condition for your next colour or hair treatment. If you’ve been following my Facebook page you will have seen that I recently shared a recipe for a hair mask that will give your locks some goodness.

Emy’s natural hair mask

What you’ll need:


Coconut oil

Manuka honey

Organic coconut milk

What to do:

Blend the ingredients to make a paste.

Wash your hair with shampoo in warm water to open the cuticles.

Towel dry to remove excess moisture.

Apply the mask all over your hair.

Wrap your hair in a plastic cap and leave the mask on for at least 30 minutes.

Rinse the hair thoroughly and style as usual.

Your hair should look and feel gorgeous and healthy. Try to let your hair dry naturally wherever you can too; a break from using heat will do it the world of good…. after all we have no where to go just yet!

Hair Integration systems

I know some of you will be panicking about your much needed maintenance when your systems become to loose, a great item to have if you do not want to remove your system is bobby pins, sliding these between the mesh and your own hair will keep it in place longer.

For people who would rather remove their systems please join our private Facebook page THC Hair Fairy”s where I have posted videos on how to sew clips temporarily onto your hair system so you can clip it on and off, the group is only open to my existing clients with hair replacement systems and extensions and no one else will be able to see whats posted in there.

Hopefully these tips help. I’m missing you all and I hope to see you all again soon!



By Emy Hassan, Mar 31 2020 07:44PM

If you want hair extensions that won’t damage your natural hair and you don’t want to spend hours in the stylist’s chair, you should give tape-in hair extensions a try.

With tape-in hair extensions, your stylist will attach double-sided tape to the wefts and sandwich your natural hair in between two sets of taped wefts. The tapes are applied right at the root of your hair so they are near and secure. When you have your extensions removed, your stylist will use a proper adhesive remove to remove the tape and adhesive without causing damage to the hair.

What are the benefits of tape-in hair extensions?

*You don’t have to spend hours having them fitted

Tape-in hair extensions can be fitted in less than an hour!

*They are more natural and comfortable than other types of extensions

Because the tape is fitted so close to the scalp, the extensions lie flat and the result is a natural look. They are also comfortable because they won’t weigh on your hair like other types of extensions. You can expect them to feel a little strange at first, but they’ll settle after a few days.

*They are great for people who only need slight volume

Tape extensions are amazing for people who only need a slight bit of length and volume at the sides, sometimes you only need to add 2-4 sandwiches of tapes to give a fuller look to shorter thinner sides.

*They are a great option if you have fine hair

Tape-in extensions are great for all hair types, but especially if you have fine hair, as they don’t put as much stress on the hair as other types of hair extensions.

*You can wear your hair in lots of different styles

With some extensions, you might worry if the bonds are visible if you wear your hair up, but you can wear a ponytail, braid, half-up do, and lots of other styles if you have tape-in extensions.

*How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

With proper care and maintenance, tape-in hair extensions should last between 3 and 6 months.

*Looking after tape-in hair extensions

As well as the usual advice to not wash your hair too often, make sure you attend all maintenance appointments, and use the recommended products, the main thing to be careful of with tape-in hair extensions is to make sure you don’t get conditioner or any styling products that contain oils near the roots of your hair as it can affect the adhesive on the tape. You don’t want your extensions sliding off! and to make sure you dry the roots properly after washing.

The same advice applies for when you are heat styling; no hairdryers or straighteners near the roots of your hair because it can affect the adhesive.

To find out more about our hair extensions and which type is perfect for you, get in touch and book your consultation today. The hair of your dreams awaits!

By Emy Hassan, Mar 28 2020 04:39PM

If you want hair extensions that are super-quick to fit and that won’t cause damage to your hair, LA Weave hair extensions might be just what you’re looking for.

As well as being gentler on the hair, an LA Weave is really easy to look after and you can get a gorgeous natural looking full head of hair that is fitted on only a few rows rather than all over your head like other hair extensions.

How are they fitted?

The wefts are sewn into your hair on a track of micro rings and fitting can be done and dusted within an hour. The wefts lie flat which means a more natural look and you can tie your hair up without worrying about any bonds being visible, unlike other types of extensions.

Are they suitable for me?

*The LA weave doesn’t use heat, braiding, or glue and the weight of the hair is distributed evenly so it won’t damage your natural hair.

*It’s the perfect choice if you don’t have hours to spend sitting in the stylist’s chair getting extensions fitted. Fitting only takes around an hour.

*LA Weave is great for people wanting lots of length and volume.

*Removing them takes a mere 15-20 minutes and it’s pain-free, which you’ll be thankful for if you’re used to getting bonds removed!

*If you are new to hair extensions, the LA Weave is the perfect introduction as they don’t take a lot of maintenance.

I*f you have an active lifestyle and you tie your up hair often, you can do so without worrying about the bonds being visible.

*Hair can easily be reused if it’s well cared for.

*It can be combined with other methods, i.e: LA Weave at the back and rings/bonds at the front

How long does an LA Weave last?

This all depends on which type of hair/brand is used and how well you look after the hair.

Most brands last between 6-12 months, but if your budget can stretch to Slavic hair this can last well over 12 months, its also important to use as little heat as possible as hair extensions are not exempt from getting split ends and breakage cause by to much straightening, you should also take care only to use recommended hair products.

You’ll need a removal and refit every 6-8 weeks though so the wefts can be repositioned as your natural hair grows out.

How do you look after an LA Weave?

To keep the hair in good condition, use the recommended products and don’t wash it too often; once or twice per week is plenty. When it comes to brushing, use an extension detangling brush and work from the ends upwards, also never go to bed with wet hair. Watch out for some blogs coming soon on how to look after your hair extensions so they stay looking amazing for longer.

To find out more about our hair extensions and which type is perfect for you, get in touch and book your consultation today. The hair of your dreams awaits!

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