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Natural, Comfortable, and Beautiful: Give Tape-In Hair Extensions a Try

By Emy Hassan, Mar 31 2020 07:44PM

If you want hair extensions that won’t damage your natural hair and you don’t want to spend hours in the stylist’s chair, you should give tape-in hair extensions a try.

With tape-in hair extensions, your stylist will attach double-sided tape to the wefts and sandwich your natural hair in between two sets of taped wefts. The tapes are applied right at the root of your hair so they are near and secure. When you have your extensions removed, your stylist will use a proper adhesive remove to remove the tape and adhesive without causing damage to the hair.

What are the benefits of tape-in hair extensions?

*You don’t have to spend hours having them fitted

Tape-in hair extensions can be fitted in less than an hour!

*They are more natural and comfortable than other types of extensions

Because the tape is fitted so close to the scalp, the extensions lie flat and the result is a natural look. They are also comfortable because they won’t weigh on your hair like other types of extensions. You can expect them to feel a little strange at first, but they’ll settle after a few days.

*They are great for people who only need slight volume

Tape extensions are amazing for people who only need a slight bit of length and volume at the sides, sometimes you only need to add 2-4 sandwiches of tapes to give a fuller look to shorter thinner sides.

*They are a great option if you have fine hair

Tape-in extensions are great for all hair types, but especially if you have fine hair, as they don’t put as much stress on the hair as other types of hair extensions.

*You can wear your hair in lots of different styles

With some extensions, you might worry if the bonds are visible if you wear your hair up, but you can wear a ponytail, braid, half-up do, and lots of other styles if you have tape-in extensions.

*How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

With proper care and maintenance, tape-in hair extensions should last between 3 and 6 months.

*Looking after tape-in hair extensions

As well as the usual advice to not wash your hair too often, make sure you attend all maintenance appointments, and use the recommended products, the main thing to be careful of with tape-in hair extensions is to make sure you don’t get conditioner or any styling products that contain oils near the roots of your hair as it can affect the adhesive on the tape. You don’t want your extensions sliding off! and to make sure you dry the roots properly after washing.

The same advice applies for when you are heat styling; no hairdryers or straighteners near the roots of your hair because it can affect the adhesive.

To find out more about our hair extensions and which type is perfect for you, get in touch and book your consultation today. The hair of your dreams awaits!

Feb 1 2021 12:07PM by Mira Jones

Thank you for sharing such valuable content. I have been using tape in extensions for about 2 years. Tape-in Hair Extensions last a long time,they are easy to maintain, you gain length and volume, they make hair more versatile, you wear them to workout, swim, and shower.

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