Anagen Effluvium


Hair loss is one of the most devastating side effects of having chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Hair loss occurs because chemotherapy destroys rapidly dividing cells in the body, including healthy cells. The hair follicles are cells that divide very quickly, and so the treatment destroys them. Within a few weeks of starting chemotherapy treatment, you might lose some or all of your hair.  

Hair loss can happen gradually or suddenly; you might notice clumps coming out in your hairbrush or in the plughole after you have a shower. Chemotherapy doesn’t always just affect the hair on the head either, eyebrows, eyelashes and other types of body hair can fall out.

After you have finished treatment, the hair follicles repair themselves and the hair can start to grow back, sometimes in a different colour or texture.  This usually happens 3-6 months after your course of treatment. In some cases, the hair doesn’t grow back at all, however this is extremely rare.


How we can help

We offer the highest quality wigs to ladies who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and 6 months after the course of treatment has ended, we can offer bespoke Hair Integration Systems, which are made specifically to suit the needs of each client.


Some women who have chemotherapy treatment find hair loss extremely upsetting and difficult to deal with, so they prefer to have a custom-built system, so the hair loss is not noticeable. The system can also be adjusted throughout the period of treatment if hair loss progresses. As the hair regrows, the new hair will be integrated with the system. Every time we realign the system to accommodate your new hair, we’ll take pictures and help you track your hair regrowth, so you can see the difference.

Your system can be made in any hair style you like, though many women like to keep their current style so people don’t notice dramatic changes in their appearance. Of course, some ladies do like to be different and opt for something a little bolder; it’s completely up to you!