Anagen Effluvium

Hair Loss through Chemotherapy treatment can be one of the most devestating side effects for most women undergoing treatment for Cancer, Although Hair Loss is the most common side effect depending on the dosage and type of Chemo some women do not experience much hair Loss.


Chemotherapy effects most of the cells in the body, this includes the Hair cells and follicles, When Chemotherapy has finished or even during treatment the hair may start to grow back, sometimes the fresh hair to grow is of a very different colour and texture, whilst in very rare cases the hair does not grow back.... But this is extremely rare, in most cases the hair folicles will repair themselves and growth should start to resume in 3-6 months after treatment.



How we can help


Our Hair Integration systems are made unique to every client, not 1 system is the same and they are all build for your needs.

Whilst some women undergoing Chemotherapy and suffering Hair Loss find it hard to notice the change and prefer to have a custom built system so they do not notice the Hair Loss, The system can also be adjusted if the Hair Loss through treatment progresses.

Also As your hair regrows this new hair will be integrated with the system, and with each re-alignment we will take pictures and track your hair regrowth so you can notice the difference too.

Your system can be made to any style you like, most women like to keep their current style so people do not notice any dramatic change in their hair appearance pre-Chemotherapy. Or some ladies like to make use of the system and go for something a little more dramatic and bold..