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Hair Extensions

Our Hair Extensions can take anything from 1 hour to complete, we do not offer a rushed service and we spend time placing each extension to replicate the natural flow of the hair, You can choose from a variety of lengths thickness and colours, we can even plan a mixed colour application where you can acheive highlights or even the popular Ombre style.


Not every method is perfect for everyone thats why we have compiled the 12 most popular hair extension methods so we can give variety and comfort for everyone.


Maintenance is advised every 6-10  weeks whilst the hair continues to grow depending on the method used the connection points may need adjusting. Maintenance is important to prevent damage to your own hair and the life of the extensions.


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Methods Available

Micro Ring Strand


Micro Weft


Micro Mesh


LA Weave


Nano Ring

Bulk Fusion


Pre Tipped Fusion




Secure Track Weave


Pro Tape Extensions

Our Hair

The importance of texture and colour when choosing hair extensions plays a vital role as it is the finished look and longevity that makes them easier to look after in the long run.

Our hair is nothing that we wouldnt put in our own hair, we use only the best sourced hair on the market and avoid hair that has a build up of silicon layers as this masks the true texture of the hair.... Something i learnt whilst working in a top class hair studio was that many extensions on the market are acid stripped and coloured using fabric dye to keep their colour... that is until the silicon washes off and you are left with very dry brittle and ratty hair after only a month or so.... most of the the hair we source is virgin hair right up until the point of consultation, where the hair will be colour matched to fit in with your personal requirements.


A good thing to bare in mind is when colouring hair the origin of the hair is a huge factor, while it is possible to get Indian hair to a light blonde, chances are the hair will not last long as it has been over processed.... The investment in Russian and slavic hair may be a lot but the hair will remain in great condition and a more variety of blonde can be achieved as the lightening processes will be minimal.

HOWEVER... If you have dark hair we usually use virgin colours as there is no need to lighten or chemically process the hair as much.... this will give you a year maybe 2 years use if cared for correctly














Indian Temple hair: Great for a fuller look and ladies with thicker hair, can last between 3-12 months with proper care and maintenance, Our Gold Fever hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples where hair is donated for worship, the hair has a slight natural wave and is great for people with more textured hair.


Russian & Slavic hair: The creme de la creme of hair extensions, not cheap but can last for several years if cared for correctly, perfect for ladies with finer hair and more blonder shades.


Southern Russian & Mongolian mixed Hair: This hair is a popular choice for many women as the hair is strong and durable, it still has the softness of European hair but with thicker and stronger strands... not as full  as Indian hair, this hair has a lifespan of between 6-12 months although some people can get 18 months depending on aftercare.


All of our hair is cuticle correct meaning the direction of the cuticles will blend freely with your own hair without causing matting.... There are no acid baths which strip the natural Cuticles off the hair shaft bringing you longer lasting hair.




All extensions must be cared for using our recommended line of products, if these are not purchased at fitting we will accept no responsibility for the quality of your hair.

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