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The Integrated Enhancer is unique to THC, it has been positively modified to provide durability and intricately woven to look as appealing to the eye as your real hair would. As a wigmaker Emy has used her skills and experience to perfect the Integrated Enhancer system so that it has become more of a second skin than a hair piece. The system is a more semi-permanent form of hair replacement, it is continuously worn and needs regular maintenance to keep it secure on the head, with the use of no glue or tape* this convenient and revolutional form of hair replacement is the preferred choice for many women.


Your system will be bespoke made and your hair will be integrated through a fine lace, once your hair anchor is secured donor hair is intricately added to the lace and integrated with your own hair, a natural looking parting is created to give the illusion of a scalp effect. All hair systems will be colour matched to your hair and cut and styled into your preffered style.


You can do virtually everything whilst wearing the system, this includes swimming and going to the gym, the breathable lace that forms the base of the system allows your scalp to breath and makes washing easy, and styling.



*Tape adhesive may be required if you have no hairline.

Our micro parting systems are designed for women suffering with Parting thinning, the Micro Parting gives volume to the parting area only and must be worn with a fringe or side fringe.


A great choice for anyone looking for a little extra volume along the parting line, the Micro parting must be re-aligned every 4 weeks for optimal security

A topper is a fabulous way to add volume to the crown, our toppers come in two different sizes and can either be bonded or clipped on. A clip on topper is great for adding volume when needed, the clip on topper must be removed daily.


A bonded topper remains bonded for many weeks, this requires a clean shaved crown for the adhesive to remain secure, and can be maintained at home.

(Please note all most toppers require 6 weeks to be made)


Lace wig systems are all the new rage, they can be as thick in density or as thin as you like, they are lighter in weight and made from luxury swiss lace.

after taking an accurate measurment of your head the system will be made specifically for you, there is no need for your own hair to be shaved off  as the system will be attached around the hairline. Maintenance will be every 4 weeks but can also be maintained at home once you are more confident.

Medi-Bonds are very small and weighless extensions that are used for slight volume, they are so small they go virtually unnoticed, the bonds are made so small this puts hardly any pressure on the exsisting hair.


Micro Mesh Volumizers are our very own creation, this is a mesh made of hair that is positioned under the hair crown, your own hair is threaded through a large mesh and secured, both methods are great for volume and not length.

The Postiche volumizer lite is a hair system made from a mono silk base and attached using your own hair with tapes, this is a convenient system that is removed every 4-6 weeks and re-applied, The volumizer lite puts less weight and tension on your own hair so is great for ladies with extremely thin and fragile hair

A lace patch can be used to cover or disguise a small patch of hair loss for instance due to stress/Alopecia Areata.

As experienced Wig Makers we will custom make the patch ventilating hair that is your own colour onto a fine quality lace and the patch will be applied using either tape or small beads. It is also possible to use your own hair taken from another part of your head to make a smaller patch.

Our newest addition to the hair replacement selection we offer is the hair dreams Micro lines.


The HD Microlines are the creme de la creme of hair replacement, with its intricate design and luxurious European hair the HD system is an investment within itself, Hair Dreams are widely known for their hair quality and each strand is delicately selected strand by strand, the micro lines come in a selection of custom made units where there is a design for most types of hairloss.

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The Integrated Enhancer System

Micro Parting


Hair Dreams Volume+ Microlines

Medi-Bonds and Micro Mesh & Medi Bonds

Postiche Volumizer Lite

 Lace Wigs and Lace frontals

Lace Patches

Causes of hair loss

These are just some forms of hair loss, click on each for more information

Hair Replacement Solutions & Systems

Invisi Lace

The Invisi Enhancer is a perfect choice for women who like to wear their hair off their face or without a restrictive fringe, The V.E is attached to the scalp with a medical grade adhesive and lasts around 4 weeks before needing to be taken off cleaned and repositioned.

We specialise in different types of Invisi based systems to suit different scalp types and also lifestyles.

Mens Enhancer

Our mens hair replacement systems come in a variety of designs to suit individual lifestyles, the hand made systems feature an undetectable lace front that merges into the scalp and replicates hair growing naturally from the scalp, The mens hair replacement system can be styled off the face with confidence and needs to be rebonded around every 4 weeks.

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