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Trichotillomania Progress




OLAAA nioxin-thick-hair

This latest progress is my lovely client Danni, The top left picture is how her hair was 2 years ago.


Over the last 2 years of wearing a hair Integration system Danni has managed to control her hair pulling and this week we managed to remove her system for good! she has plently of regrowth and has not attempted to pull in over 1 year now... she is finally confident enough to wear her beautiful hair without feeling self conscious of any patches that may be visable, the other 3 pictures is her hair regrowth.



This is "J" She came to me with a large bald patch on her left side and centre top of head, J wore her system for 6 and a half months, the bald spot is now completely filled, there is no damage to her hair and the hair is growing back perfectly.

This is not a miricle cure for Trichotillomania, it is simply a barrier to help prevent pulling, and to allow your hair to start the recovery process and grow.


It is a good idea to seek CBT or another form of treatment for BFRBs this way you can tackle the emotonal and physical issue whilst getting your hair healthy and ready for when you remove your hair system.

Our recommended line of products to keep hair systems and hair extensions in great condition and feeling healthy for longer is finally here!!!


Marrakesh comes in a great selection of products, our favourites being the 'Detangling leave in conditioner''  and the oil that can be used on wet or dry hair.

This great selection is full of goodness to keep your hair hydrated and softer for longer, packed with fabulous oils such and Argan and Hemp seed your hair will feel luxorious and silky for longer.


Also the Schwarzkopf Bonacure range is great for coloured hair offering NO sulphates and a beautiful leave in conditioner and treatment masque giving back much needed moisture to hair systems and extensions


We are now stocking the full professional range including the shampoo & conditioners, leave in conditioners, and oil. Ask for details.


We also offer OLAPLEX treatments

We are very proud of our client Cheryl Mitchell from North Wales for all of her hard work promoting Trichotillomania awareness and sharing her story with the nation.


Cheryl has suffered with TTM for nearly 30 years and is passionate about educating people on the affects of compulsive disorders.

After spending years hiding behind wigs and scarves, Cheryl had her hair integration system on for just one year,  she is feeling massively positive, and with the help of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  and wearing the hair system Cheryl no longer pulls.


For more info or to be put intouch with Cheryl please send us an email.


Stop & Grow


Hairdreams Stop&Grow is more than just an anti-hairloss product such as the ones that can be purchased at supermarkets or pharmacies. It is a holistic therapy, which is carried out under the supervision of a trained specialist and thus has a higher rate of success.


Click here for more info on this amazing topical hair growth range

Volume +


Micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, the so-called “MicroLines”, with high-grade real hair attached to them, are worked into the client’s existing hair. The added hair matches the client’s hair in terms of color, structure and length, and thus invisibly integrates into the client’s hair. The result is an absolutely natural real head of hair, which looks just like the client’s own.


This is our lovely client "A" She came to use in December 2016 with large patches of hairloss from Trich, we fitted her with a large hair integration system to help as a pulling barrier. 6 months later there is considerable regrowth and minimal damage, this is just one of our amazing success stories with Trichotillomania.


To break the habit successfully and prevent future pulling we always recommend CBT or therapy/hypnosis, this will help to control the urges and break the habit completely so that when we permanently remove your hair system there will be minimal chance of re-lapse.

21105933_1933973046820087_5953510899791691769_n stopandgrow_system

New Product Alert!


We now stock the full range of HairDreams home hair care products.

The Hairdreams care line is specifically tailored to the needs of long hair and human hair creations.  It includes everything you need for the perfect care of extended hair - from hair-type specific shampoo to the conditioning fluid used for the ends and the coveted Hairdreams brush.

We recommend you dont leave without the PH shine spray, it will leave your hair feeling and looking amazing!!


This is our lovely client Sophie, she came to us in May 2017 with around 1'' of hair and a large area of hair loss caused by Trich where she had pulled the area, Sophie has managed to stay pull free and now has an extra few inches of hair, her journey is still not over and she will continue to wear the hair system untill she is confident that she will not relapse when the system is removed, we are extremely proud of Sophie as her hair is recovering greatly and her urges to pull have subsided greatly, we are hoping by the time she has had her system for 1 whole year she will be able to have a nice hair cut and finally go without her hair system.

chez 20987936_1420724634714091_1263722358_n

Competition Winner!!


Congratulations to our first prize winner

Alison Roche!!!


Alison lost her hair whilst undergoing Chemotherapy for breast cancer 2 years ago, and sadly her hair has never fully recovered, since then Alison has been wearing wigs but has always wanted a more permanent solution.


Alison was our lucky winner of a fully bespoke hair integration system and im sure you would agree she looks AMZING!!!!!! Just look at that smile!!

We Won!!

Isnt it just great when all of that hard work pays off?

Well we have amazing news that we are super proud of.

We are officially the winners of the London Hair & Beauty Awards for the Hair Extension specialist salon of the year 2018.

This is an amazing achievment for us all and we would like to thank all of our wonderful clients for nominating us, we were up against 10 fabullous salons so we are so proud and honered  at the same time.


This amazing progress was achieved after just 6 months of wearing our integrated enhancer system,

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