Telogen Effluvium

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Telogen Effluvium is a form of Alopecia that leads to excessive hair shedding. On average the normal head would shed upto 150 hairs in one day, with Telogen Effluvium the head may shed upto thousands of hairs in a single day.


Characterized by the dramatic shedding, Telogen Effluvium hair loss is often very sudden and some people can lose up to 70% of hair within a number of days, whilst this condition usually lasts up to 6 months the chronic form of Telogen Effluvium (diffuse hair loss) can last much longer, the hair in some cases may take alot longer to recover, or only recover once the underlying cause is addressed..


Telogen effluvium occurs during one of the hair's growth stages called the telogen phase. During this phase, the hair is in a resting period. Normally, this period lasts two to four months. The shedding phase of the growth cycle doesn't occur until after the telogen phase has completed. But during telogen effluvium, something goes awry in the telogen cycle and hair begins to shed before it should.


The causes of Telogen Effluvium can vary from stress and poor diet, to surgery or trauma or even child birth.

The excess hair shed will usually begin within 1-3 months after the time of stress/trauma/childbirth

this is because at the time of the stress the hair follicle will enter its Telogen phase (resting) before falling out, the follicle then will have a new hair following behind waiting to regrow.


It is important to visit a Trichologist before seeking more permanent hair replacement