The Integrated Enhancer

Our Integrated Enhancer course is a 4 day course based on theory and practical with 2 days of assesments on real clients in a salon environment. You will learn the following elements


* How to ventilate/knott hair onto lace

* Half day Trichology talk with Dr Stephanie Moore on hair loss

* Consultation techniques

* How to make a foundation for integration

* How to make the Integrated enhancer

* Adjusting and realigning an integrated enhancer

* Silk and lace Partings

* 2 Days of clients including building a new hair system on a real client aswell as performing adjustments and realignments on clients.

* Supplier and marketing info

* Maintenance procedures

* Kit supplied

*Exclusive access to trained members only group for ongoing support

Cost £2500 for 4 days


It is imperative that you are at least a level 2 qualified hairdresser and also have experience in fitting hair extensions such as micro rings, if you are not experienced in extensions please take our 1 day course in micro ring application course before the integrated enhancer.

Micro Parting system

The Micro Parting system was designed by us for people with fine hair or parting thinning. This system is unique to our brand and our trainee partner salons.


On this course you will learn the following.


* How to perform a consultation

* Preping hair

* How to make the Parting head base

* How to attach the parting

* How to cut and style the parting

* Removal of the Parting

* Supplier and marketing info


Cost: £500 1day

Kit supplied

Req: Minimum level 2 hairdresser and competent in hair extensions

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On this course you will learn the intricate art of removable and clip in hair pieces, This 2 day course will show you how to make a custom made ventilated topper and also a quick fix topper with a bespoke base, These are a great add on to any hair replacement specialist, they are great for hair loss clients who do not want to wear a permanent hair replacement piece but still need the coverage on the top of the scalp


You will learn the following on your 2 days course


* How to measure for the topper and make a head cast/mould                          * How to make the foundation for the topper

* How to make a quick topper with different components                                   * How to Ventilate hair onto a topper foundation base

* Adding wefts to a topper                                                                                                         * How to fix and remove a topper

* Styling and cutting a topper                                                                                                 * How to wash toppers

* Applying PU to a clipless topper                                                                                          * Attaching labels and ribbon to a topper

* Supplier info                                                                                                                                    * Kit supplied

Course £1000 2 days

Clip on topper course


We pride ourselves on giving one of the most informative selections of hair replacement courses available. We DO NOT offer courses such as "3 methods in one day" as we have found most people who take these courses come away with not enough knowledge on safe and proper application, we spend time on one method until the learner is 100% Confident

              Our class sizes are no more than 3 people to ensure everyone can get the best out of their learning.

Tape Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair Extensions

This one day course will cover a full head application and removal of Tape hair extensions, You will learn vital placements for a natural flow and different colour combinations to create different tones and highlights/lowlights.

You will also learn how tape extensions can be great for people with extremely fine hair and how to keep them lightweight.

Kit provided:

Practice head

practice tapes

Removal solution


Tape pliers

Sectioning clips

Course Manual

Hair Razor


Fully accredited certificate

Must be min level 2 Hairdresser

This one day course will cover a full head application and removal of Micro ring hair extensions, this will also cover Smaller tips such as mini tip extensions etc

You will learn the correct safe way of attachment and vital placements, how to do maintenance and removals as will as colour placements for multiple shades.

Kit Provided:

Practice head

Practice hair strands

Variety of micro rings



Comb & Clips

Course manual

Hair Razor



Fully Accredited Certificate

Must be min level 2 Hairdresser