Transgender Hair Replacement


At The Hair Confidante we understand the difficulties the Transgender community face, So we would like to reassure you that everyone that enters our doors is treated equally, after all.. hair loss knows no gender, so everyone who visits is here for one main reason, to have fabulous hair!

If you would like complete privacy our private salon studio is perfect.


If you are not affected by hair loss but rather just need a more femenine style, thicker and longer maybe? we can work together with your "goal" images to help you feel more confident in your end result.


How we can help

We know that during transition one of the most important factors will be your hair, for this reason we want to make it 100% right, We will go through inspirational images you bring with you, colours that suit your skin tone, length and also thickness, We can also provide styling sessions where we give you some much valued styling skills and tips to give yourself the best hairstyles at home.

With every person that comes to us having different needs we will determine the best hair replacement solution for you depending on your lifestyle and needs



Hair Lines

A male hairline usually has recession areas, we can work towards a hair replacement system that can replicate a more feminine curved hair line using our non surgical hair replacement options.



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