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Your guide to the LA Weave

If you want hair extensions that are super-quick to fit and that won’t cause damage to your hair, LA Weave hair extensions might be just what you’re looking for.

As well as being gentler on the hair, an LA Weave is really easy to look after and you can get a gorgeous natural looking full head of hair that is fitted on only a few rows rather than all over your head like other hair extensions.

How are they fitted?

The wefts are sewn into your hair on a track of micro rings and fitting can be done and dusted within an hour. The wefts lie flat which means a more natural look and you can tie your hair up without worrying about any bonds being visible, unlike other types of extensions.

Are they suitable for me?

*The LA weave doesn’t use heat, braiding, or glue and the weight of the hair is distributed evenly so it won’t damage your natural hair.

*It’s the perfect choice if you don’t have hours to spend sitting in the stylist’s chair getting extensions fitted. Fitting only takes around an hour.

*LA Weave is great for people wanting lots of length and volume.

*Removing them takes a mere 15-20 minutes and it’s pain-free, which you’ll be thankful for if you’re used to getting bonds removed!

*If you are new to hair extensions, the LA Weave is the perfect introduction as they don’t take a lot of maintenance.

I*f you have an active lifestyle and you tie your up hair often, you can do so without worrying about the bonds being visible.

*Hair can easily be reused if it’s well cared for.

*It can be combined with other methods, i.e: LA Weave at the back and rings/bonds at the front

How long does an LA Weave last?

This all depends on which type of hair/brand is used and how well you look after the hair.

Most brands last between 6-12 months, but if your budget can stretch to Slavic hair this can last well over 12 months, its also important to use as little heat as possible as hair extensions are not exempt from getting split ends and breakage cause by to much straightening, you should also take care only to use recommended hair products.

You’ll need a removal and refit every 6-8 weeks though so the wefts can be repositioned as your natural hair grows out.

How do you look after an LA Weave?

To keep the hair in good condition, use the recommended products and don’t wash it too often; once or twice per week is plenty. When it comes to brushing, use an extension detangling brush and work from the ends upwards, also never go to bed with wet hair. Watch out for some blogs coming soon on how to look after your hair extensions so they stay looking amazing for longer.

To find out more about our hair extensions and which type is perfect for you, get in touch and book your consultation today. The hair of your dreams awaits!

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