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Hair Replacement training for professionals

As well as providing high-quality hair replacement and hair extension services to clients, I also train hairdressers and extensionists in hair replacement systems and extensions. For women, In particular, the hair is a symbol of feminity and beauty, and it’s tied up with self-esteem, so when they lose their hair, it can be devastating and it really affects their confidence.

These ladies are going through a very tough time emotionally, and there’s a definite need for hair replacement services that are not only high-quality, but that offer them the empathy and privacy that they need.

What qualities do you need to be a hair replacement specialist?

The first thing I would say is that you need to have empathy for what these ladies are going through. Helping them get their confidence back should be your passion, it shouldn’t be about making money. Clients should never feel taken advantage of and you should treat everyone who walks through your doors with the same levels of respect and discretion. Remember that by the time they come to you, they’ve probably exhausted a lot of other options.

My hair replacement courses

I pride myself offering some of the most in-depth and informative hair replacement courses that you’ll find anywhere. I don’t offer courses that claim to teach you multiple methods in one day, as I don’t believe that anyone could feel confident on how to fit a hair system safely and correctly after that amount of time. I’ve had to retrain people who have gone on bogus 1-day courses where they have come away with nothing and didn’t feel confident enough to fit a hair system.

On one of my courses, you’ll be in a class of no more than 3 people so that everyone gets the best out of their learning. I spend as much time as you need on one method until you’re 100% confident in your skills, then you’ll get to work on real clients. You’ll get to spend a day with Stephanie Moore, a trichologist who teaches at the Institute of Trichology, and you can come back and shadow me whenever you like. Every course is a completely rewarding and immersive experience.

Courses we offer

The Integrated Enhancer

Our Integrated Enhancer course is a 5-day course with theory and practical elements and 2 days of assessments on real clients in a salon environment. You must be at least a level 2 qualified hairdresser and should have experience in fitting hair extensions such as micro rings. If you don’t have experience in doing hair extensions, I’d suggest you take our 1-day course in micro ring extensions.

Micro Parting System

The Micro Parting system was designed by us for people with fine hair or parting thinning. This system is unique to our brand and our trainee partner salons. You must be at least a level 2 hairdresser with competency in hair extensions.

Clip on Hair Topper

This 2-day course will teach you how to remove and clip in hair pieces. You’ll learn how to make a custom-made ventilated topper and also a quick fix topper with a bespoke base. This course is an excellent add-on for any hair replacement specialist, and it will be especially useful when you work with clients who don’t want to wear a permanent hair replacement piece, but still require coverage on the top of the scalp.

Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

This 1- day course will cover a full head application and removal of Tape hair extensions. You will learn vital placements for a natural look and flow of the hair, and different colour combinations to create different tones and highlights/lowlights. You will also learn how tape extensions can be great for people with extremely fine hair and how to keep them lightweight. This is a fully- accredited course and you must be at least a minimum level 2 hairdresser to take part.

Micro ring Extensions

This 1-day course will cover a full head application and removal of Micro ring hair extensions as well as mini tip extensions. You’ll learn how to attach and place the extensions safely and correctly, as well as how to place colours for multiple shades. The course also covers hair extension maintenance and removal. This is a fully -accredited course and you must be at least a level 2 hairdresser to take part.

Do you want to train with The Hair Confidante?

You can find more information on my hair replacement and extension courses on my training page or you can contact me directly to apply.

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