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How to find your perfect hair loss solution

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Losing your hair can be very difficult emotionally and choosing the right hair loss solution for you can seem like an enormous, and confusing task. Add to this the fact that some conditions can cause sudden and dramatic hair loss, and you might be upset at having to spend so much time researching when you just want answers and a solution that works for you, sooner rather than later.

The first step towards restoring your hair, and your confidence, is finding the right company or technician who can appreciate and understand the cause of your hair loss and suggest the right solution for you.

Choosing the right company

Here are some things you should consider when you’re researching companies who provide hair loss solutions;

Do they offer a consultation?

The cause of your hair loss can determine the type of treatment that is suitable for you, so you should always be offered a consultation before any treatment. The consultation is your chance to allay any fears and worries, and the technician’s chance to propose the right treatment plan. If you don’t feel happy or comfortable during or after the consultation, the company is probably not the one for you.

What treatments do they offer?

Most reputable company websites will have a description of the treatments they offer and some detail on the conditions that the treatments are most suitable for. This gives you the chance to learn about the different treatments that may suit you before you book a consultation.

How much experience does the technician have?

A well-trained and experienced technician will be able to suggest the correct hair loss solution for you, and fit and place it with absolute precision. Not only this, they’ll have the right skills to empathise with you and reassure you at a very difficult time.

Do they know their products and treatments?

You only get the right advice from someone who knows with absolute conviction that their products and treatments are effective and of the highest quality.

Do they have great customer reviews?

A good company will be able to show success stories from former clients, and they’ll also have great reviews of their treatments and services. If they don’t, don’t trust them with your hair.

Choosing the right treatment

At your consultation, your technician will discuss the cause of your hair loss and go through the options that are available to you. Another factor that will help them decide on your perfect hair loss solution is the final result you want. Here are some of the hair loss solutions that are available on the market, who they’re perfect for, and the look you can expect.

Postiche lite volumizer

Great for: People with a small amount of parting thinning who want as little thickness as possible. It’s a lightweight option and it’s attached very gently.

This is only available in one length and comes in only a small selection of colours. It’s only 2.5 inches wide too so it is only suitable for your parting area. Maintenance is required every 4 weeks.

The Integrated Enhancer

Great for: People with frontal fibrosing alopecia, androgenetic alopecia and Trichotillomania as it acts as a barrier to prevent pulling.

This is our signature hair system. It can be customised to any size, and it can be made smaller or larger over time. It’s made up of different components, so adding to it, or replacing parts is completely possible. So if you want to add a flash of colour or highlights, you’re in luck with this system. Maintenance is needed every 4-6 weeks.

Micro parting

Great for: People with crown thinning

This parting system is wider and covers a larger area that the lite volumizer. There are more options in terms of thickness with this system too.

Lace patches

Great for: People with non-active Alopecia Areata patches

These custom made patches are made personally by Emy, and each patch takes hours to make. Each hair is knotted onto a fine lace in the shape of a bald patch. We take a stencil of the patch and use it to make a lace base, which is then attached to the bald area.


Great for: People who want a removable solution

Wigs can made out of many different materials. They can have a lace or silk top, PU edges and elastic bands to keep them secure. We custom make all of our wigs to traditional wigmaker’s standards.


Great for: people who want to add volume and have big hair, covering roots on a bad hair day, and they’re a great removable option for people who don’t want to commit to a permanent volumizer.

Toppers come in two different sizes and can either be bonded or clipped on. A clip on topper is great for adding volume when needed, but it must be removed daily.

Bonded system

Great for: People who have very little hair on top but have hair around the back of their head.

The system is glued to the head with a medical grade adhesive, then the hair is cut and blended in with your own hair style. This system requires monthly maintenance appointments and some home care, but it does look very natural.


Great for: People who just want a little bump of volume under their parting area on each side, but want to keep their own parting visible, these are hand made lace inserts that are knotted strand by strand and then either clipped on or attached as an extension, these pieces like the lace patches are very delicate.

Find the perfect hair loss solution for you

I’ve studied traditional wig making and I use my training and knowledge to design bespoke hair pieces for clients. I’m always guided by what you need, and if that means thinking outside of the box to help you find your perfect hair loss solution, I can do it.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation and find your perfect hair loss solution.

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