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Kelly's Story

Every client who walks through my doors is on their own unique hair loss journey. Many ladies have suffered from hair loss for years, and whether it’s been caused by a medical condition, taking medication, or emotional problems, the effects can be devastating.

I see clients who have lost their confidence, who feel anxious when they go out because they feel they’re being stared at, and who have all but lost hope that they’ll find a solution to their problem.

This is what makes it even more amazing and rewarding when I get to support someone through their hair loss journey, help them find the right hair loss solution, and watch them come through the other side as the happy, confident person they should be.

One of my success stories is my amazing client Kelly, who’s 36 and from Surrey. She kindly agreed to talk about her hair loss journey. I hope you read this and find that it gives you hope that there’s a perfect hair loss solution for you.

The Hair Confidante (THC): What type of hair loss do you have?

Kelly (K): “ I’ve had trichotillomania since I was 11-12yrs old. I’m 36 now and I still suffer with it. I have a hair system that stops me pulling at it, but the urges to pull it are still there. I was also diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) a few years ago, and hair loss is also a side effect of that.”

THC: How long have you been disguising your hair loss and in what different ways?

K: “I’ve tried so many things over the years from wearing hats at often as I could, wearing headbands, brushing it a certain way and hair-spraying it in place, dying it dark colours and staining my scalp with hair dye to make my hair look fuller. I’ve also bought clip- in extensions and even had a wig made, but I didn’t really wear the wig often as I felt so self-conscious that people could tell it was a wig. But that was 20 years ago and wig-making techniques have come a long way since then!”

THC: How has your hair system changed your life?

K: “Where do I start? Now I have a barrier in place to stop me pulling because the system is custom made to cover the areas that you’d normally pull hair from. I’m not 100% cured from trichotillomania, but I’ve gone from pulling my hair daily for a couple of hours to days or weeks without pulling at all. I’ve tried many treatments over the years, like CBT, therapy and hypnosis, and I felt they weren’t effective.

I feel so much more confident and enjoy spending time creating new hairstyles instead of spending hours trying to cover the bald areas, and crying in front of the mirror when I saw how bad it looked. When I used to go out I’d have anxiety about people looking at me and seeing the bald patches, and now I blend into the crowd which is perfect for me.”

THC: Is the hair system easy to take care of?

K: “Yes. I just wash my hair as normal once a week, then depending on the style I’m going to have I blow dry, curl, or straighten it as you would with normal hair. I visit the salon every 4 weeks or so for adjustments and a nice blow dry.”

THC: What type of hair styles do you like doing with your hair system?

K: “I love curling my hair with tongs and making natural looking waves. My hair is long so I like to plait it as well.”

THC: Are you ever self-conscious about wearing a hair replacement?

K: “Not really. Sometimes right before my adjustment appointment, it can feel loose due to my hair loss and I wonder if people look at me and notice it but it doesn’t bother me. If I feel it’s a bit loose I just book my appointment for a sooner date.”

THC: What words of wisdom would you have for anyone contemplating a hair replacement solution?

K: “Research is key. I originally found a London- based company and went for a consultation, and they were massively overpriced. When I said I couldn’t afford it they said I could get NHS funding which I believe is not true. The NHS will rarely give out funding for this condition. I left the appointment in tears because I’d expected to find a solution. I then did some more research and found The Hair Confidante. I went for a consultation and came out beaming. I messaged her an hour later to book an appointment in!

Your hair system is custom made so you can choose the style, length, and colour. I’m on my second system now and I’m always changing the length and colour! For me, getting a hair system has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Do you want to start your journey to a hair loss solution?

If you are suffering from hair loss and the cause has been diagnosed by a doctor or trichologist, come and talk to us to find out how we can help.

We’ll discuss your hair loss and your options in a compassionate and understanding environment where your privacy is assured.

Contact us to book a consultation.

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