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Micro ring extensions, all you need to know

Micro Ring Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know

If you’re a hair extension addict already or you’re a first-timer looking for the perfect extensions, you’ll know that there are a lot of different types on the market.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about micro ring hair extensions, and what sets them apart from other types of hair extensions.

The main plus about micro ring extensions is that there is no glue, heat, sewing, or braiding of the hair involved so there is less potential damage to the natural hair. They also sit quite flat on the head so they look natural and can be more comfortable to sleep in than other types of hair extensions.

How are micro ring hair extensions fitted?

Your hair is attached to the extension with a small ring (various sizes of micro rings) which the stylist clamps shut to secure the bond. Fitting a full-head of micro ring extensions takes around 2-3 hours as each hair extension strand is fitted individually.

Are micro rings suitable for me?

Micro ring extensions are best suited to medium to thick hair, as they can slip down fine or very fine hair, and the weight of the extensions themselves can put a lot of tension on the natural hair. Its very important to have an even ratio of natural hair to extension hair to avoid any type of traction.

How are they removed?

Micro ring extension removal is very quick and simple. The technician simply opens up the micro ring with some pliers and the hair extensions slide out.

How long do they last?

With good aftercare, micro rings can last for between six and nine months. I always recommend that you come for a maintenance appointment every six to eight weeks, so I can check on the condition of your extensions and move them up as your natural hair grows out.

How do you look after them?

No matter what type of hair extensions you opt for, they are a commitment, both of time and money. So it makes sense that if you are spending your hard-earned cash on a beautiful set of extensions, you want them to last and look as good as possible, for as long as possible.

One of the main reasons that hair extensions need so much tlc is that they aren’t attached to your scalp like your natural hair. This means that they don’t benefit from the oils your scalp produces which keeps your natural hair soft and shiny.

Here is a quick guide to keeping your hair extensions looking amazing.

Wash and condition hair immediately after swimming

Ideally, you shouldn’t expose your extensions to chlorine, but if you are a water baby and love a dip in the pool, wear a hat, and wash and condition your hair as soon as you get out.

Brush your hair regularly with a hair extension brush

To prevent tangling, brush your extensions regularly with a hair extension brush. Start at the ends and work upwards, taking care not to pull too hard near the bonds.

Tie your hair up for bed

Tie your hair up or put it in a loose braid while you sleep to avoid matting and tangling. Investing in a silk pillowcase helps with this too.

Never go to bed with wet hair.

Washing your hair extensions

Always use the recommended products as shampoos containing harsh chemicals can dry your extensions out. When you wash your extensions, make sure the water is warm, not hot, and let the water run down the hair. Apply products and massage them into the hair, taking care not to rub the hair as this can cause tangling. Rinse the hair thoroughly then apply conditioner to the lengths and ends. When it comes to hair extensions, less is more when it comes to washing. Too frequent washing can dry the hair out, as can using too much heat when styling.

To find out more about our hair extensions and which type is perfect for you, get in touch and book your consultation today. The hair of your dreams awaits!

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